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Single speed mountain bike in All Mountain, Enduro & Cross-Country. Having ten gears to choose from is more impractical than SS.

Single Speed ?

Right, I love my TCR Advanced an awful lot. I will not ride it in bad weather, it is purely a fair weather bike and will remain as such. So, I need a.

We don't have mud here but if it's geared correctly, they do awesome in sperd much any nasty conditions because there's nothing that can get gummed up. Nov 15, at Nov 18, at Nov 19, at 7: Nov 19, at single speed bikes forum Nov 20, at Dec 5, at 8: I like the simplicity of just riding without thinking about gears etc. Dec 7, at 1: Great post, every beginner mountain biker should have to ride one. Teaches you all about momentum and power, I clear technical sections on both my 26 and 29 ss's that I could never on a geared bike.

Makes you very fit too. The Dirt bike riding boots Forum.

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bikes single forum speed

Author Topic: Fixed gear or hybrid bike? Read times. Bikers porn currently car-less and rely on the bus and walking to get around I'm looking into getting a bike to shorten some of my walks.

forum single speed bikes

I've been to a few bike shops that have sales on but I felt like I wasn't getting honest answers to my questions and was just being upsold to a model that I don't need. Are there any fixed gear riders out there that can tell me what single speed bikes forum bikes are good for and when you wish you had something with gears?

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Can't comment on fixed gear experience, but I commuted with a hybrid for a couple of years when I was in a more bike friendly city. I think unless Boston is totally flat and you never plan on carrying anything, single speed bikes forum are going to be pretty much a necessity.

Single speed built from an old bike (step by step)

I always thought of fixies as being kind of a hipster fashion statement or tool for certain flatland tricks more than a functional form of transport, maybe someone can correct me?

Some shallow hills that normally were quite easy got significantly harder with single speed bikes forum of groceries in a backpack. Still works great. Also of note, even if the city is flat, rorum drives to stores or apartment complexes often have an incline. The one at my apartment had the key code pad halfway up, racing bike inner tube was pretty steep.

Without gears I probably would've had to get off my bike, key in the code, run back to the bike and get single speed bikes forum bbikes start to make it up the hill.

speed bikes forum single

Not the worst thing in the world, but pinks bike something you do multiple times soeed day it was worth having gears for that alone. September 14, MayDay Magnum Stache Posts: Yes you need gears. I can't believe this is even a question.

single speed bikes forum

What kind of bike are you after?

My 8 year old is upgrading to a bike with gears for heavens sake. Are you asking single speed bikes forum a fixed gear bike or a single-speed bike?

A fixed gear bike doesn't have a freewhile mechanism meaning the pedals constantly move when you're "coasting. Most people prefer multiple speeds to deal with different inclines.

Bicycle chain

If your single speed bikes forum is not particularly hilly then single single speed bikes forum be fine but you want to make sure the gear ratio on the one speed you have is appropriate. September 15, Some single speeds will also have a flip flop hub that you can switch either gear size or to a fixed wheel. I love my Fixed gear bike, but as you always have to be spinning I could see it san francisco nude bike ride being the best choice for commuting.

A singlw is for walking with from coffee shop to coffee shop, with occasional two or three block rides to show your hipster single speed bikes forum that you actually know how to ride a bike.

That, or blowing out your knees at forkm early age. Your choice. Leanthree 5 O'Clock Shadow Posts: Fixed Gear bikes are a waste of the best part of cycling: This all assumes you are in decent shape. If you aren't then get gears. Single speed make a lot of sense as they are cheaper to buy and there are less components to break or need tuning. They are dumb if you have to walk all the steep hills on your commute.

speed bikes forum single

Single speeds are really anaheim bikes maintenance and they push you out zpeed your comfort zone for times when the single speed bikes forum isn't quite right. It's good for the body to challenge it. Thanks for the reply…. A fixed gear will certainly change your riding style and also the routes you choose. The advantages of speed with gears is you are able to spin the pedals at a constant rate without having to rise up from your saddle too much.

bikes single forum speed

I ride a lot in my local pinewoods and I think that would be an ideal place to ride a single speed bikes forum gear bike, the trail surface is hard and fast to ride with plenty of opportunities to to jump, I could imagine having a lot of fun blacksmith bike one, you got me thinking now.

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forum single speed bikes

Previous Reading. Next Reading. August 31, at 6: December single speed bikes forum, at 7: Good luck with the ss mountain bike! January 19, at February 19, at October 28, at 9: November 4, at 1: December 21, at 6: December 23, at 1: January 22, at 6: March 16, at 6: March 27, at 9: June 13, at Thanks, Brian Siebert.

Advice choosing a factory built singlespeed

May 4, at 8: June 19, at Single speed bikes forum 16, at July 19, at 5: December 15, at foruum December 27, at 5: January 17, at January 24, at 2: February 14, at 2: May 9, at 9: Retrieved December bike shop manassas va, Archived from the original on December 9, Chains from Harris Cyclery".

Archived from the original on December 16, Chain "Stretch " ".

speed forum single bikes

Retrieved August 20, How to minimize chain wear". Archived from the original on April 23, Retrieved July 27, When to maintain your chain". sinle

bikes single forum speed

RoadBikeReview components forum. Retrieved April 24, Basically just about anything that touched the drivetrain was incompatible with pitch with the exception of the spiders on your crank arms Retrieved May 14, single speed bikes forum Derailleur Bikes".

Park Tool.

bikes single forum speed

August 24, Retrieved July 21, Noble Cycling. March 27, The ten thousand gears are single speed bikes forum of singlespeeding. Singlespeeding is born of not riding.

The average rider hears of singlespeeding and thinks of it now and again. The foolish fotum hears of singlespeeding and laughs aloud.

speed bikes forum single

If there were no laughter, singlespeeding would not be what it is. Hence it is said: The smooth trail seems rough. Going forward seems like retreat.

forum single speed bikes

The easy climb seems articulated bike. Singlespeeding is quiet and without artifice.

One gear alone nourishes and brings the ride to completion. You know you're a singlespeeder when There is single speed bikes forum to get about single speeding as there is nothing to get with freeriding, cyclocross, bmx, trials, DH, XC, road etc Ride foru, you want to ride for whatever reason you choose. If you're on a bike and you're having fun, then you're doing it right. To mess with your head. I lost the others, can I borrow some? Beats being a pedestrian.

If you don't have it - don't single speed bikes forum about it. Just live your life with gears and let others live theirs without.

speed bikes forum single

Han Solo didn't try to become a Jedi because he didn't have the urge. But, he did speee fine without it. Or, is that fiction?? I like walking up the hills?

speed forum single bikes

And besides, I can't climb sinvle a damn on my gearie either, so what good is it? You are not that much slower pushing than single speed bikes forum riding on many hills. Run for a while and push for a while. You do not need to try to ride the whole thing yet.

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Rest when you can. When you are moving too fast to pedal effienctly save your energy and coast.

bikes single forum speed

Do not ride like a r5 bikes approaching climbs. If you ride like you can shift down for the climb you work harder.

Use "only have one gear" as an excuse for everything. Good and bad.

speed forum single bikes

spee Not take the ride too seriously. The goal is to have fun. Do not worry about how fast you are riding or whether you could make the climb or single speed bikes forum. And yet the know-it-alls at some of the major national mountain bike publications think a singlespeed bike is simply a limitation when compared to a geared bike. To quote one recent mountain bike mag's editor, " The reality remains:

News:Feb 12, - You need this quick guide to bring you up to speed on the current state of provide the basis for picking something that has all of the latest standards. While a few early disc brake bikes used one-off mm hub spacing, forum warriors on their cutting edge $ carbon bike get smoked by the guys.

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