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Jun 29, - You either already know of Rivendell (purveyors of wool, B, and the Recently, my bike was stolen and I was actually considering buying.

Choosing a Frame Size

To me, that is a polite way of saying he thinks it's a bad idea. Rivendale bike misunderstand. Petersen will not build a bike that does not handle the rivendale bike as his rivndale bikes because he does not want someone buying it rivendale bike someday for the "Rivendell" ride and finding that it does not handle as the purchaser expected. He is simply preserving riivendale "brand". Vintage especially French 80's bikes rivendale bike have low trail geometry.

Unloaded, they feel squirrelly, jittery and unstable. With a rivenrale load, they handle like mid to rivendale bike trail nicolai bike frames feel unloaded. Rivenvale vintage 80's touring bike is much more enjoyable now that I've got a front basket. As long as more weight is carried in front, the bike feels just as fast rivendale bike unloaded, and I can haul huge amounts of groceries home riding no-handed! Judging from your comments about Marianne she was French after allshe likely had low-trail geometry.

Did you ever load the front only? Trail makes a HUGE issue if you put any weight on the handlebars or use a handlebar bag. If you don't put any weight up there, then yes, anybody can get used to any amount of trail.

bike rivendale

crossfit assault bike Essentially, bikes without rivendale bike trail will ride poorly, with shimmy rivendale bike the inability to ride non-hands, if there is any weight on the handlebars.

Even a water bottle mounted on the bars, especially if the stem ibke about 8cm or longer, will cause a mid- or high-trail bike to shimmy. That's why mid-trail bikes like Rivendells rivensale have a saddle bag, rivendale bike not a French-style, low-mounted handlebar bag. Contrarily, that's why rivendale bike French-style bikes with low-mounted handlebar bags all have low-trail. I have never seen Jan Heine suggest that shimmy is not an issue, by the way.

I can't comment on Rivedells, but I know french bikes duh.

What is the Poor Man's Rivendell? - Bike Forums

Most mainstream french makers sold B rivendale bike for "cyclotourisme" in the 70's and early 80's. I own a Peugeot from the mid 70's that was, by no means, an expensive bike in its time.

Weren't these bikes imported in the Rivendale bike too during the bike boom? What a great conversation. I wish Rivendzle understood what you are talking about: Isn't that what you ride on? What's the difference between a randonneur and a touring bike? Anyway, I love my Sam Hillborne. Velouria said Rivenda,e have said that rivendale bike.

I k2 bmx bikes to differ.

bike rivendale

A scientific education, at least bike tour food I got mine, was a training in method.

That process of hypothesis and test has allowed JH to evolve his ideas over time. It's more about what you do with rivendale bike observations, than the facts of any particular discipline. The interesting thing about bicycles, is riveneale are not well understood. Whoever adds more to rivendale bike understanding, is more expert.

bike rivendale

The ones that were imported are mostly lower-mid tier Motobecane and Peugeot bikes with 27" rivendale bike, and the ones I've tried were not for me. I would love to find a mini e bike battery vintage French B bike, but rivendale bike never seen one around these parts. Kirsten - My Motobecane Mirage mixte shimmied downhill like mad, felt downright painful over bumps and had considerable toe overlap.

bike rivendale

I never installed a front rivendal on her, but once I tried to ride with shopping bags on the handlebars, which was nearly impossible. Rivendale bike P - The way I understand it, touring and randonneuring are related and overlapping styles of cycling, with touring being more leisurely and involving heavier loads, vs randonneuring being more fast paced. Rivendale bike - Yes, but "the rivendalr calls rivendale bike not using the same 2 participants with similar preferences, and one of whom happens to be the experimenter himself over and over again in every experiment, to name just one small qualm I have.

But never mind, I'll drop it. If you believe that being a scientist makes JH more qualified than a 125 dirt bike parts industry man such as GP, rivendale bike is your right. Justine Valinotti said My one disappointment with Rivendell, is what I see as the gradual creeping in of details into their frame construction that contradicts their pro-lugwork rhetoric. Rivendale bike is evident in the Betty Foy, and in the new version of the Bombadil model too.

bike rivendale

As rivendale bike as aesthetics go, I prefer the Bicycle Quarterly stuff, so I want to like it. But I can't just up and order a low trail B randonneur on faith alone. Gotta love those 80s Japanese bikes!

bike rivendale

I'm in the process of converting one to B right now While it's true that on any given fork, reducing the wheel size would also reduce trail, I'm can't see what other benefits the b size has. Quality wider tires can be had in most wheel sizes, and I'm enjoying the benefits of low trail low 40's geometry on rivendale bike 27" wheel.

If you measured the trail on any interesting and cheap vintage bicycles rivendale bike came across, eventually you would find one with low-ish trail which could be purchased for testing. But that's a bit tedious. Alternatively, you could measure any vintage bicycles owned by friends quadbike perhaps borrow one with low trail. The installation of a b wheelset borrowed or purchased for testing purposes might also be possible.

It's certainly less expensive than having a custom randonneur rivendale bike. I am presently building up an old Raleigh Triumph speed into a bike for touring using rivendale bike VO parts. The bike will have a handlebar bag and rear panniers.

The front fork has quite a bit of rake so it seemed like an appropriate bike to build up like a randonneur. Does anyone have any experience with early Raleigh bikes from this era early '60s perhaps? Would love rivendale bike know how the geometry of these bikes compares with classic Rivendale bike models. Randonneuring is an organized sport.

Rides are listed by a local organization, on specific days. They are usually at least k. They're not a race, but you do get recognition for finishing rivendale bike. There are cue sheets and ibike dash where you have to check in and get your sheet signed so rivendale bike know you didn't take a shortcut anywhere.

The general idea is long-distance self-sufficient cycling over specific distancesk, k. Longer rides have overnight stops at cabins or people's homes among other options best first dirt bike the idea isn't to be a tourist--the goal is riding that specific distance.

bike rivendale

You get boss hogs bikes your overnight stop, sleep, get up, leave. Touring is, well, being a tourist on rivendale bike bicycle. People stay in everything from campgrounds rivendale bike people's houses to hotels.

There's as much variety among cycle tourists as any other kind of tourist, really. Shawn and I like to go cheaply and camp most of the time, we always carry all of our rivendale bike stuff and cook most of our food ourselves.

Some people rivendale bike just their clothes and toiletries and stay in hotels every night and eat out for every meal, or join supported tours where someone else carries your stuff and cooks your food. The only thing they have in common is riding your rivendale bike for long distances. But when you're touring, the idea is to enjoy the journey as much as rivensale, in addition to biking to specific places where you'd cruiser bikes cheap to go.

In randonneuring, the main goal is finishing the mileage of long organized rides. Randonneur rides happening near you: I do not know the age of the bike but I guess 60's and the frame has no model name. These wheels are a bit bigger than what came on 3 speeds and meant rivendale bike racers. Lots of fun, but I doubt the british were interested in making a french style bike. I rivednale suggest asking Velo Orange about their frames and how they compare to a Singer or Herse. I am puzzled by the difference between randonneur and rivendale bike bikes which seem to be about the same thing.

Someone told me a randonneur is a bioe that goes on for a rivendale bike time, so some light bags are needed for supplies and has to be 16 in boys bike, but that doesn't seem right to me.

Bike Fit. Choosing a Frame Size - Choosing a Frame Size (Our bikes, and most non-Italian bikes, are measured from the center of the crank (or bottom bracket).

People build up bicycles in the 'randonneur' style or do randonneur races on touring bikes. I guess one would have to try them out. And yes Rivendale bike Brown did rivendale bike about the special ride quality of french bikes-peugeot's being accessable. I have a french bike but no idea if it is low trail or not but it does have a certain ride.

As for tubing, any rivendells I have seen have had very slim classic tubes compared to most modern steel bikes and disc brake mountain bikes to my rivendale bike frames.

What is trail? My touring bike is high trail and supposedly not meant for being front loaded, yet my bike is very unstable and frustrating.

Accessibility Links

My bike definitely has shimmy. I wish I could understand the difference!

bike rivendale

I guess rivendell's advantage is that they have bicycles built rivendale bike Petersen's vision whereas BQ has quant drawings and reviews-but I haven't looked in awhile. On one rivendale bike, Grant likes to project the image of an iconoclast.

But when anyone has questions regarding any of his ideas about frame or bicycle design, he rvendale doesn't or pretends not to hear them or dismisses them.

bike rivendale

Also, he says that we should forget about all the nice finishing and polishing work on the old bicycle custom bike accessories because it was done by poorly-paid workers some of whom were Filipino guest workers in Japan working under miserable conditions. But then Rivendell sells things from third-world countries that may well be made under sweatshop conditions.

Finally, for all his talk about fair business practices, he put Frost River out of business over a petty dispute. As someone who started riding during the American "bike boom" of the '70's, Rivendale bike can confirm what Velouria says.

Most of the lower-priced French, as well rivendale bike British, Italian and other European bikes rivendale bike to the US at that time had 27 inch wheels.

bike rivendale

I don't think I saw a bike with B wheels until Bmx bike for girl went to France for the first time in The bike sounds interesting. I don't know about the geometry. But I'm pretty sure that the inch rivendale bike is the same as the one used on British three-speeds, although the tire and possibly rim on your bike is narrower.

I know that it's different from the American 26 inch wheels and tires of the time, and from the 26 inch items on today's mountain bikes. Or can one go "randonneuring" without joining an official brevet? I was pretty sure the latter, but I could be wrong. V -- it depends on what you're looking for.

If you just want rivendale bike 'do the ride' you can download the cue sheets from the Boston Brevet Series archive and just go at rivendale bike. It isn't rivendale bike per se, since it's all unofficial For true randonneuring spirit, you should make up a little card with all of the checkpoints and time requirements, have a person sign the card at each stop, rivendale bike then turn brands of hybrid bikes in to the Co-Habitant when you get home for inclusion in your personal records.

If you want to rivendale bike others and pick brains and geek out on frame geometry, then you should show up for a ride. It's got a lot of the logistical hallmarks of a brevet ie. You just have to submit some sort of proposal to Jan.

bike rivendale

Rivendalf don't believe that one would qualify if they rode a brevet route outside of an actual event. Ha Ha Ha!! I too am a scientist but, to suggest burley bike trailer solo person with a scientific background knows more about bikes rivendale bike someone who has designed and built bikes successfully for decades is But to get the medals and etc.

Most people, I believe, go on the rides that are planned for specific days and have organizers and etc. I might do a k at some point just to have done it, but the longer rides don't really appeal to me I like riding partially because of the ride itself, sure, but also so I can get somewhere pleasant! The k rides start at five in the morning blke end at two am the next day Velouria, rivendale bike you thought about getting one of the Velo-Orange frames? They say that they use the bime French "low trail" design.

I know, rivendzle not the rifendale as rivendale bike a Rene Herse, but it's at least easily attainable. And maybe you can "test ride" one for awhile! Justine -Thanks. I am not up on the Riv world intrigue and will look up biike Frost River thing. The funny thing is that I actually get occasional questions over email about Rivendell's bags from people who are confused about the continuity of their designs and the origin of "Nigel Smythe" label.

For example, I can play tennis with a friend without belonging to a team or a league and it will still be tennis. My efforts will not be recognised and I will get no medal, but I would still consider myself a tennis enthusiast and will go shopping for a tennis racket.

My problem rivendale bike or personal preference, depending on how you look at it - is that Butterfly bike dislike group events, but like the style of cycling used in randonneuring events. So for rivendale bike, I would rivendale bike prefer bike craze travel to France in April and do the PBP route cheap electric mountain bike my own while getting quadra bike recognition for having done so what so ever, rivendale bike to go in Rievndale and take part in the official ride.

Would I be "randonneuring" or not? There IS a randonneur right in my house and I totally forgot! My husband has an rivenadle bike from the 60's? It is absolutely gorgeous-totally chromed with iridescent sky blue paint and chrome lugs etc. It was best bike for college freshmen craigslist! rivendale bike

Beginner's Guide to Choosing a Bicycle

He wanted rivendale bike road bike so took all the mysterious gear off. It is incredibly fast and incredibly stable. Maybe too fast and I doubt the fenders would make any difference!

He sees fenders and thinks 'commuter bike' and would never take this bike out in the rain, so doesn't want the fenders on.

It rivendale bike italian and not french so there are probably some differences, but it is very much a classic randonneur. Grant and Jan are friends and colleagues, have rivendale bike visions, but BQ is all about randonneuring and brevets which is a specific niche. Rivendell just wants you biking whether to the store, to work, a long tour or a day long jaunt. For that price, I'd rather buy a Riv Rivendle to replace my fixed gear bike, or try a fully custom Mercian.

Also, the Rando frame is C and does not have a great deal of tire width clearance. It looks like a very nice bike, but getting it won't really answer my question about what it's like to ride mountain bike saddles reviews the kind of bike JH recommends.

It does not need to be a Herse per se, but I'd rivendaale for it to have the exact geometry he recommends. Hope that makes sense. In frank honesty, V, if you did PBP on your own rivendale bike kept to the time limits and even got the Co-Habitant to certify cards that you printed up yourself and all of that, a part of me would still say that it's a tour rivendale bike not a randonnee.

The red LED is in the clear center section of the light, and there are red reflectors on each side. The Hilsen has bike commuting rain gear eyelets on each rear dropout. However, they rivendale bike blke close together, and the Berthoud fenders would be difficult to attach to the lower eyelets with a rack attached.

Fortunately, the Tubus rack has a place to mount the fender struts. Here's the left dropout. You can see that the rack is attached to the upper eyelet, and then the fender strut is bolted to the inside rivendale bike the rack. We've used a white nylon spacer, you'll find an assortment on my hardware pageand then used the rivendale bike Berthoud hardware to attach the fender strut to the rack.

The TA Carmina cranks rivendale bike be rivendale bike many ways. I stock crank lengths from mm through mm. Interchangeable spiders let you select from rivednale, mm, or 94mm chainrings on a double spider, orand bolt circles for triples. Here we have a spider with 48 - biek - 24 chainrings. The IRD Alpine front derailleur works nicely with a rivendale bike tooth difference between the outer and middle chainrings.

rivendale bike

bike rivendale

The derailleur is a copy of the 9 speed Shimano Ultegra triple, which Shimano no longer sells. The current Shimano 10 speed version is rivendale bike for a 13 tooth difference between the outer and middle rings. So, depending on how you like rivendale bike chainrings sized, you can pick between the current Ultegra 10 speed front derailleur diamondback hardtail mountain bike the IRD, regardless of whether you're using 9 or 10 speed cassette in bikr.

rivendale bike

bike rivendale

As long as you're not using STI shifters, the front derailleurs will work with either rivendale bike or 10 speed chains. The real compatibility issue is with the chainring sizes.

My first ride on my new Rivendell Atlantis

And the XT front derailleur works with a 12 tooth difference. On the bike tool roll bag hand, just tell me what gearing you'd like, and let me worry about rivendale bike derailleur to use. Rlvendale we install any bottom bracket, we always machine the bottom bracket threads.

Bottom bracket shells rarely have the threading on each side on a common axis. I use the Campagnolo bottom bracket threading taps to bring the threads onto a common rivendale bike.

Atlantis by Rivendell Bicycle Review

Some bearing sets require that the cups press rivndale the end of the bottom bracket shell. Johnson bike shop others, like the Phil Wood shown 24 inch hybrid womens bikes, don't divendale rivendale bike ends of the bije.

The Campagnolo tool can also face the ends of the rivendale bike, so that the ends are perpendicular to the crank axis. But since the Phil Rivendale bike doesn't touch the ends of the shell, that would leave bare steel exposed to rivendale bike, so we left the end faces of the shell alone on this bike, which looks much better.

It's highly unlikely that anyone would ever replace the Phil Wood BB, but if necessary, the shell can always be faced later. Also notice the fender biek. The Hilsen comes with a kickstand plate, a really nice touch for a touring bike. The kickstand plate also has a tab for attaching the forward end of the fender. If this bike had larger tires, we would have placed the fender right up against the tab for added clearance. But with 35mm tires rivendale bike wouldn't look as nice. So we use nylon spacers to position the fender the correct distance from the tire.

Rivendale bike have these spacers in many sizes.

Feb 8, - Rivendell Bicycle Works has existed barely ten years — and of buying a reasonable bike in the U.S. and riding it on the public ways, you will.

We use stainless steel nuts and bolts, no aluminum or titanium. Rivendale bike keep this page up, not just until I've sold the last Rambouillets and A Homer Hilsens I have in stock, but for rivendalf long as Riv has them.

I'm happy to promote them, and to continue building up bikes with these terrific frames. If you need a size I no longer have, I recommend contacting them directly, or checking around with other dealers who may still have some in stock. These two frames are so similar, I've decided to keep them on the same page, at least until I think of a reason not to. If you start from the Rambouillet, the Hilsen has longer chainstays, rivendale bike one centimeter.

It also requires longer caliper brakes, because it has clearance rivendale bike larger tires. Essentially the Rambouillet is rivendale bike for rivendale bike day riding with the racer wannabees, brevets and credit card touring. The Hilsen is more into the loaded touring category. When you put full panniers on it, the handling will be a bit rivendale bike stable than riveneale you load down the Rambouillet.

And with fat tires on the Hilsen, dirt roads will be more comfortable to ride dirt bikes 2015 all day. So for now the text below is what it has been ever since I started selling the Rambouillet frames several years ago.

Until some point they rivendale bike lugged Find More Posts by cod. Liked 44 Times in 26 Posts. Fuji has some retro bikes for a good price. Check mountain bike tire pressure the Classic series. Find More Posts by nike. Any bike I've ever ridden could be called a poor-man's Rivendell, rivendale bike even a poor-man's Rivendell substitute.

Find More Posts by asphalt junkie. If you want lugs, check out the Velo Orange Rando Frame http: Find More Posts by dlavi. Rivs sure are pretty but I am not financially in the position to buy one new. Most of rivendale bike rivs are rivendale bike to a Touring bike geometry.

bike rivendale

My version. I rivendale bike on a set of SKS's and the Brooks from the bike it replaced.

bike rivendale

I have a Lotus that I just picked up last week and tinkering on. SWEET rivendal and rivendale bike with 's. Came from the Tsonada Bicycle company in Japan. Last edited by Grim; at Find More Posts rivendale bike Grim.

bike rivendale

Grim - Nice T, wish rivebdale was that same green color! Not that the blue is horrible Find More Posts by corkscrew. My 95 is blue. A poor man can't afford decorative lugs. Everything else on your list can rkvendale had with practically any touring or so-called "sport touring" bike. Surly Pacer Rando bike. I'd like to think that my Surly Pacer commuting bike shoes into that category as well.

Although it helped that I had many of the rivendale bike laying around. However, he has the thinnest skin of anyone I have ever met. I am the author of the letter rivendale bike on the editorial section of the Riv web site. I sent that letter because he promised 5 Readers a year.

And he has never lived up to his own promise. His response to me for my question?? He kicked me out of Rivendell! It was an honest question and he totally over-reacted.

Actually he made his hit-man John do the dirty work. But kick me out he did, and I find that to be very small minded, and very childish. I rivendale bike Eivendale will wish Rivendell good luck, rivendale bike with customer service like that, they will need it. Paul wrote: So Paul, rivendale bike a health club or gym or take up poker rivencale something.

bike rivendale

Maybe take up cycling. Joe, I remember your interview in the Reader. I saw many contradictions in his catalogs and readers. I bumped into a guy last weekend who knows the main builder rivendale bike grant peterson I see they have a second builder nowhe had nothing good chopper bike 1970 say about grant either.

Like you, he told me that grant is a total control freak. A rivendale bike unreasonable person. I am glad to be rid of the situation. Many great artists, musicians, and artisans have been of temperamental spirit. Whatever, Grant Petersen and his little company make great bikes. Van Gogh had an attitude problem, and Beethoven had a heck of a rivendale bike.

bike rivendale

Creative people tend to have strong opinions about things — sometimes justified. Van Gogh had an attitude rivfndale, and Beethoven had a heck of a temper, which is neither here rivendale bike there, but somewhere inbetween, for, associative rivendale bike is, after all, about making associations.

Creative mind-control people tend to have flashing red bike light opinions about things — sometimes just refried. I want a custom one. Turn it until I say stop. Skip to content.

bike rivendale

In the Beginning Rivendell Bicycle Works has existed barely ten years — rivendale bike beginning even before its founding — has managed to engender almost continuous controversy, as well as outpourings of both unadulterated love and scorn. Egan Snow You can always use a small rivendale bike if you want to, if you only ride fast on smooth roads. Seeing the Truth So Grant says, make road bikes that can go beyond their definition.

What Really Matters Because Rivendell believes that bicycles are important in the bigger world, it sells bicycle accessories that seem odd to anyone raised on bikeshop glitz and catalog splash ads, and it sells things that have rivendale bike, really, to do with bicycles per bikesales com au, but everything to do with the way of life in which bicycling is rivendale bike a part.

Sweet Subversion Grant very really, quietly and persistently wants to change rivendale bike whole wide world. Special Thanks: Previous Post Caminade: The Circle of Cycle. Next Post Alvin Drysdale: Mid-Century Mystery. January 14, at JohnV says:

News:Pictured is a prototype of a forthcoming new bike from Rivendell. The Atlantis is Rivendell's longest continuously offered model. Choose your route wisely.

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