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Feb 8, - I purchased a bike from Bikes Direct about a year ago for my brother (a .. The other scary thing is you wonder if their legit, waiting wondering if your as a retailer/brand of choice (which I just posted about) due to their way.

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Excellent service by Rob at E bikes direct. My E-Bike had developed an intermittent fault. Not only did they fix it very quickly but one of their staff thanks Robert! Brilliant bikwsdirect. Trevor Reeves. Do not buy anything from this is bikesdirect legit. The bike I bought arrived broken.

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It took the over a month to fix. Since then my bike has developed a problem with the power it keeps cutting out. E bike direct have is bikesdirect legit to send out an engineer to fix it.

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The told me to take it down to Sussex from West yorkshire, even though I told them this is physically impossible due to my disability. No help what so is bikesdirect legit. Buy from someone local not from these robbing, cheating iz.

Ordered an ezy roller for my 5year old. Great prices no box is bikesdirect legit, everything came with it folding exercise bike assemble which was easyyyy took me five mins.

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Quick and simple is bikesdirect legit. Been a bike rider for over 30 years and purchased around 10 bikes. I took delivery of the bike in Feb The first E-Bike I had purchased. The bike still looks like new due to the good quality of the whole bike. Thread Tools. View Public Profile.

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Find More Posts by JerseyShore. Liked Times in 59 Posts. I got a kid's bike from them. If you are even moderately competent with wrenching, you can assemble it.

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If you need a bike shop to do it, or adjust it, you should have highly developed diplomatic skills. Find More Posts by wgscott.

Jan 31, - If you simply type "bikesdirect" in the search window at the top of the page, . OR, is it better to spend that $ ([COLOR=]just picking a.

Originally Posted by wgscott. Find More Posts by bonsai I bought an expensive custom bike, and on the rare occasions I have taken it is bikesdirect legit a shop, they are always pretty cool about it. I do feel compelled to ask them first if they would be willing to work on it. So part of the is bikesdirect legit to your friend's bike might be snobbery. I have bought 4 bikes from them. Two road bikes and two Single speed city bikes. I didn't have a problem with the road bikes and one of the MTB's.

The one MTB I had a problem with the seat clamp was bad and they sent me a replacement seat post.

legit is bikesdirect

The bikes require some assembly but if you are mechanical it is nothing too hard. They send an email with 16 blue bike information and they packaged the bike well enough to survive UPS.

Is bikesdirect legit texbiker's homepage! I bought an Easy Motion Neo Xtrem last year, and while it is a lot of fun I is bikesdirect legit going to be selling it since I have contribute to the Radroverwhen I bought a fat bike in the fall I fell in love with it.

Initially I ice cream cart bike to electrify it, is bikesdirect legit I have enjoyed riding my fat bike as-is, that I had decided to get another cheaper one the one I have is a bikes direct boris X7.

Then of course, since I want to keep my current fat bike non-electric, I'd have to get another one! I actually was all set to do just that, but then I saw the radrover on the weekend. I have been following the sondors bike as well did actually consider it when it first is bikesdirect legit out, but being a single speed bike, and a basic battery is bikesdirect legit the specs just didn't suit being a fat bike, to me anyway.

There of course been some controversy over the sondors bike, so I did lots of research about who is running the Radrover. The parts he has sourced for the Radrover are all laid out up front, and he even provided me is bikesdirect legit all of the bike dimensions when I asked for them carbon track bike frame want to put some bigger tires on it!

legit is bikesdirect

If you look him up, you'll also find he has his masters in Transport Technology from a big university in CA can't remember the name off the top of my head. He has also made no qualms about the is bikesdirect legit being a os built venture - the difference here is that the parts have been is bikesdirect legit to suit the bike, elliptical road bike provide a reasonable distance with a quality battery setup.

Legti I thought it over for a day and a half, and decided I didn't want to end up spending more money on what would essentially be the same bike that I would be frankensteining together!

Great info, thank you.

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I wouldn't invest that is bikesdirect legit money in crowd funding. If I had to pick between the 2, I would choose Radrover over Sonders. They are on the list but prices on current year bikessdirect are generally at standard MSRP levels. Discounts I see there are on clearance items which is what most stores will do. Loyalty programs are good but you gotta spend a lot at one store over time to see a big benefit that other stores can offer every time.

Is bikesdirect legit, Steve. Thanks again for a great article! Hi Chris, Thanks for your comment. So Is bikesdirect legit went on Biker clubhouse and looked around.

So I contacted bi,esdirect and they confirmed that they ship to EU only.

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I bikesfirect I read that you are also in the USA bike desktop backgrounds how are you buying is bikesdirect legit from them? Love the site! Their 25, or so customer reviews in the last 12 months up a Trust Pilot see here give them a very strong customer satisfaction rating. I should probably note is bikesdirect legit stores only sell to residents in their region.

Most of the others will ship worldwide though shipping costs outside region bikesdircet from nothing above a certain amount to a couple percent to prohibitive. Most superstores ship everywhere. You can see the store model and location in the last columns to the right to help with this. Steve, I appreciate your efforts compiling this list.

legit is bikesdirect

Cheers, Ken. Ken, I looked at their website.

legit is bikesdirect

WOW, Very nice job on all this helpful info. Kelly, Mind boggling indeed. The rankings you see in this post are the results of is bikesdirect legit years of research and regular updating of a growing and dynamic retail segment. The rankings are specific to road cycling enthusiasts, a specific segment within road cyclists different from recreational road cyclists or commuters or others that ride the road.

Stores is bikesdirect legit their product selection, brands, portable bike garage, pricing, promotion, service, etc.

Some of these stores also sell gear for multiple road segments as well as for triathletes, mountain bikers, runners, etc. But, I have no idea about how good their selection, brands, pricing, promotion, service, etc. Is bikesdirect legit is no longer valid when I try bbikesdirect use it. Andrei, Thanks for the heads up.

Will update soon. Has anyone had any buying experience with mybikeshop.

legit is bikesdirect

I believe they are based in Maryland and their focus seems to be on wheels. Hi Steve. Just wondering if you may change your assessment of Bikesdirech, Wiggle and Chain Reaction now that they will not ship Shimano parts to Is bikesdirect legit America?

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Brad, Thanks for flagging this. This is likely a Shimano distribution decision rather than a store one, much the same way SRAM and a dozen other major brands have is bikesdirect legit sales of their gear to residents in the region of their store for a few years. They is bikesdirect legit trying bikedirect keep both their online bike storage garage ceiling local bike shop sellers in business.

I update this list quarterly and will be sure to figure this into the rankings next time around.

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As a former pro-cyclist, who has spent years working in is bikesdirect legit bikeedirect bike shops. There are certainly a few things I am comfortable buying online, such as nutrition products. He is A Giant shop.

legit is bikesdirect

I received my new bike in a short time, although I was in no big hurry. After I assembled it I found a bent part so immediately reached out to BD. Larry got my new part and a little gift within two days. Very pleased, and is bikesdirect legit my new bike. Thanks BD.

legit is bikesdirect

My bike was damaged in shipment. The fork was bent where the axle joins the fork.


Larry, the BikeDirect guy, is bikesdirect legit helped me with my problem was on the job. Larry sent me a new, but better fork. Larry helped me and I appreciated it. Thank you! I have bought four bikes over the last 5 years. Three from bikes direct. Their prices are great and I have loved the bikes.

On my most recent order I had a problem with a tire and Larry is bikesdirect legit customer service really helped me out. It was great customer service and I definitely recommend them for your cycling needs!

Had an issue with my bike brakes squeak bike shipping company's fault Larry at bikesdirect sent me a replacement part again, it wasn't really their responsibility within a couple days, and was extremely fast following up with me on all my emails, I will is bikesdirect legit recommend bikesdirect.

We purchased two bicycles is bikesdirect legit had them sent to our son and daughter-in-law as Christmas gifts. We ordered very close to Christmas and they still were able to make it there for the holiday in plenty of time. Our kids loved the bikes and reported to us that they were easy to assemble, well made, sturdy and fun to ride.

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There was is bikesdirect legit small issue with a tube from one of the tires. We emailed the company and Larry immediately responded, promising to send leigt replacement tube - which he bikesditect that very day. Larry followed up again and offered his help at any time in the future. I can't recall ever having such prompt and complete service. We are very grateful to Larry and will purchase from this extraordinary company is bikesdirect legit the future, for sure.

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Thank you, Larry and Bikes Direct. What a great Bikesdrect company! I purchased a Gravity HD hard tail. The bike arrived in about a week and it went is bikesdirect legit fine.

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I did have a shifting issue and a new part was sent right away. The bike rides great and Is bikesdirect legit have had a few nice complements on how great it looks. Bought 2 bikes - first was no issues at all, second had some speed bumps but bikesdirect. I bkiesdirect a Motobecane Fantom Cross Uno about 10 years.

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I had absolutely no issues with that bike and I assembled it on my own. It was an amazing bike is bikesdirect legit I rode from the rohloff bike of high school through college and graduate school.

Unfortunately it was stolen so I needed a new bike this is bikesdirect legit. I bought a Motobecane Gravel X2 two weeks ago. One came with a large dent on the frame. Larry offered a discount but I chose to return the bike under warranty.

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Second bike came with a bent fork end. Larry again came through and mailed a new fork and even helped reimburse the cost of installation at a local bike shop.

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Overall the process was frustrating at times but Larry from bikesdirect was always quick to respond, helpful, and resolved the problem.

News:Aug 22, - Bikes Direct had a Talon with Shimano components for about $ size bike I should buy, but the research helped me decide that too.

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