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The fundamentals of the finding the correct saddles have always been Work out what works for you (shape / size / padding / width) and what doesn't work for.

Bicycle Saddle Height Calculator

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How To: Measure Sit Bone Width For Saddle Selection

Test included. Share Tweet. Published 2 years ago on September 21, ho By Alex. Which tools you will require: Stool or chair with hard flat surface; Letterhead or A4 size paper; Paper towel; Bike shop kendal spray bottle; Marker Ruler How to do your sit bones measurement: Find a flat surface, where you can sit.

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I use a wooden stool. It is an approximate value, which can diverge from the actual measurable value.

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Accurate results can be provided by the Ergon 3D-Sitbone-Measurement which can be found at many Ergon retailers. Ideally use a measuring tape to determine your hip circumference. To do so, wrap it around your hips.

How to choose the right saddle for you

You can feel for your hip bones easily with your hands. Therefore, setting aside some time and a decent budget to choose a saddle that you can confidently measude around the bay or over the three peaks is extremely important. I started working in the bicycle industry in At that time, the how to measure for a bike saddle advice going around regarding saddle choice was to simply try lots of saddles and see what worked best.

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Over the last few years, some aspects of saddle choice have been narrowed down. For example, some bicycle stores will now attempt to measure the separation of your sit bones to determine an appropriate saddle width.

Upon reaching my final year of university, I chose to conduct a literature review of all the scientific evidence published on bike saddles.

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I came to four main conclusions about seats:. Problems with measuree dysfunction due to bicycle saddles have been reasonably well reported in scientific literature. Many case studies and surveys have found that poorly fitted saddles, especially very narrow saddles, tend to cut off blood and nerve supply to the genitalia and can cause ongoing bike shop specialized dysfunction, pain and urinary tract infections in men.

Selecting the right bicycle saddle

Very little has blke published regarding the effect of poorly fitted saddles for women, although anecdotal evidence suggests extreme discomfort can occur very quickly. This is easily explained by comparing the male and female anatomy. This is where the internal burley road bike passes out of the pelvis to become the external genitalia.

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Importantly, passing through here is the pudendal nerve and artery. Not only do these structures supply the genitalia, they supply the whole saddle region.

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Women often find more comfort in anatomical design features like a cut-out in the saddle or a slightly thicker padding. Your flexibility determines largely which saddle shape is best for you, based on your movement on too saddle.

Eliminating the Chafe

Try it yourself and see which type of rider matches your flexibility. Therefore needs a more curved saddle to maintain an efficient riding position.

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Therefore benefiting from the freedom of movement of a flat saddle. These riders find comfort in an almost flat saddle with a gentle curve.

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Riders that use an aggressive position on the bike can experience numbness or pressure while riding. As they reach toward the handlebar, the pelvis tends to follow and roll forward, unloading weight off the sit bones and on to the soft tissue of the perineum. An anatomic cut-out donating bikes the saddle or a saddle with a wider nose helps to relieve that pressure.

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Endurance, Sports and Aero. Trail and XC.

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Based on your input we recommend the following saddles.

News:Jul 31, - British Cycling head physio Phil Burt talks through how to get your bike position Finding your optimal saddle height can boost your pedalling.

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