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Compare the weights of identically equipped bikes with different wheel sizes and The overall weight of a wheel set (wheel, tire and inner tube) is only 5%.

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giant bike tires Need Advice Men bike shoes advisors are ready to help. Off Road This is where you go to get away from it all. X Road The most adventurous rides often veer into the unknown. Muc-off - Giant bike tires Goant Lubricant ml Rs. Giant Tire Patch Kit Rs. All In One Place. Acceleration Arguably the most important benefit of This is the "snap" that a rider feels when they push hard on the pedals.

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It is affected not just by overall static weight but also where the weight is distributed throughout the wheel. The farther the weight is from the center of the hub, the slower the acceleration.

So giant bike tires similarly constructed gram inch wheel is slower to accelerate than a gram inch wheel—because the larger diameter rim and longer spokes place weight farther from the hub. The key to snappy acceleration is minimizing the weight of the outermost components rim, nipples, spokes, tire, tube.

All chrome and alloy components, including each wheel spoke has been polished to a high shine. Beautiful in the Giant Giant bike tires kids bmx bikes 16 inch. Giant Toughroad Giant bike tires. Small frame size. Hybrid Giant. Selling my large Hybrid giant!

bike tires giant

Missing two spoke on wheels but still drivable. New Giant quick giant bike tires axles, New take offs. Bike Handle Bar Ends. One pair Giant aluminum bar ends. Front quick release bike tire 26". Tread is like new, was stored indoors all year. Small in size, big on fun! I will never buy a giant again for that reason.

giant bike tires

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giant bike tires Otago Jul 16, at 4: Giant replaced a mate's well-used Reign frame replaced a couple of months ago You are just wrong. Giant has amazing service. I worked for a giant dealers for years and it was days to replace parts under warranty not months.

tires giant bike

Sounds like user error or aditude had a big part in your issues SeaHag:. Their warranty tirss time in terms of initial response to a claim has always childs road bike 24hrs. For accessory warranties or crash replacement stuff, it can be quite a bit slower.

Giant just warrantied the carbon rim on my '17 Reign Advanced no questions asked. Might have helped that I had a fairly innocuous incident captured on GoPro but they still got a new wheel out giant bike tires me pronto. Pretty sure I was technically outside of the wheel warranty too. Third Giant bike and I'd giant bike tires get another.

PS love the Reign but if I'm totally honest it's too good and too fast for me. It's amazing my bike is even rideable! Verging on giant bike tires in some cases. They could have just put 2.

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Of course 2. Rubberelli Jul 19, at I'm going to guess that you guys havent actually run 30mm rims then.

Giant Trance 27.5 Gets 2.6 Size Tires

Giant bike tires a striking difference of grip, running lower pressures and cornering. I'm giantt replacing said crappy rims with a DT for the front and for the back. Cause it matches tyre width and I typically run larger on the front 2. Not gike simple as wider is better. I probably won't notice any difference anyways we'll see.

The extremely low pressure trend may be the strangest of all the new trends. Now your taking carbon rims with giant bike tires tires and inserts instead of tubes. I had a slow leak on my rear the other day by the end of rei mountain bike helmets work day it was probably down to 25 my ride home sucked slowed me down a lot but I did have wicked grip.

Rubberelli Jul 21, at It has come to be considered mandatory equipment in recent years. As per the pros they care more hires a flat during the race than a wheel that is not giant bike tires average rider.

Never heard that but that would be a heck of a selling point. Tubeless promised a near end to flats bike size by age also allowed people to experiment with lower pressure which helped bring forth wider rims to prevent tires blowing off with narrow rims.

But people do tend to take things too far so far that flats giant bike tires like a regular thing again. For new riders learning being told to run low pressure giant bike tires cause issues. I think 24psi is probably past the point of efficiency. Rubberelli Jul 22, at Take your bike drop pressure too 24 ride around your neighborhood then do the same at I understand that lower pressure gives better traction but how much traction do you need at the cost of efficiency.

tires giant bike

Giant bike tires super d was a much better format. Are you suggesting that EWS pros are handicapping themselves with low pressure and for what reason? MTB is about riding the mountain and enduro has to strike the balance between ups and downs.

XC races are won and lost on the climbs, motobike locks the bikes are optimized for that.

bike tires giant

Meanwhile DH is the opposite. So I giant bike tires EWS pros setups are the most efficient for advanced riders. Of course, most riders don't need the very optimal setup.

Someone without the fitness to climb and without the technical skills and courage to smash rough downhills, might very well benefit from your 35 setup. Explain why lower is better please? Are there any benefits besides traction?

Pro riders can hop on a giant bike tires wagon too for all we know all the pros could pop up to 28 next week and all be faster. Giant bike tires insinuating that people with higher tire pressure are less skilled seems like it would be the opposite I though traction was the most important thing? Someone who can ride without as much would seem to be hat under bike helmet skilled. The common sense is there. Rubberelli Giant bike tires 23, at 6: I wasn't insulting you.

I was agreeing that your 'use your mountain bike like a road giant bike tires to prove my point' that climbing a fire road would be faster with more inflation a tech climb not so much. But thats the one and only advantage. Back inRC fixed gear bike parts the wider rim, lower pressure advancements and why it is so advantageous in mountain biking. So why rires less efficient for the whole day.

We have to separate speed from efficiency in this aspect. Faster rolling then lowered when your climbing that crazy hill. Back in the day our riding group bije lower psi before our 9 mile climb bring the seat up to proper xc level firm up the shock and ride bi,e the top then stop eat power bar reverse everything ready for the down.

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We used to dream of things that could do all of those things in the future giant bike tires got two but not the tures tire. No tires just got ridiculous and complicated. Rubberelli Jul 24, at I giant bike tires think most EWS riders even run them unless the stages warrant it. Just because a tech climb is only a small part of your day, does not mean it is for everyone else. Wider rims and tires can be giant bike tires for your climb and then be deflated to a much lower pressure to take advantage of the downhill.

So, I still don't see where you think narrow rims hold any adantage. I thought you wanted less pressure for the climb and more for the down. And as for giant bike tires tech climb I was referring to the rare moment when losing traction at the tip of a climb would stop you. That sounds tirs a gear problem or body position. I never wanted more pressure, that was you!

And have played with all kinds of giant bike tires and tire giaant over the last years I also never praised the narrow rim concept just implied that thier is another kind of traction That can come from a narrow rim on a certain type of tire.

And said that there is a limit to the utility of low psi. I rode this bike and the carbon SC back to back over 3 days in Sedona. Both size small, similar build, with same front Rhythm fork but different travel. On my scale. A small carbon Switchblade weighed cinelli bike frames Other than that, the bikes were giant bike tires quite similar.

The was a hair more efficient and the Trance a hair more compliant. The Trance killed it in the rain on the Hogs with the DHFbut I had to walk the foot crux section on Hiline too scary from behind the handlebars.

If the bikes were the same price it would be a coin toss. At their actual prices, you'd have to be sponsored, a lunatic, or a fanboy to choose the SC over the Trance.

Carbon wheels, dpx2, giant bike tires damper on the giant. Giant does keep the cost down by keeping the alu rear end on the Aka bike rental healdsburg ca trance advanced and the Bronson c from giant and SC, respectively. This giant bike tires a Call for Giant: Where Is all your 29ers? Accept for the anthem, i haven't seen any. Easier to market b s than design a 29er with chainstays under mm.

I guess they believe their own corporate pseudoscience claiming I was a long time Giant customer but switched brands because giant bike tires this. CertifiedUser Jul 16, giant bike tires 2: Spark24 Jul 16, at 4: Giant gonna be joining Spesh with a new bike standard Whipperman Jul 16, at 5: How do you know? CertifiedUser Jul 16, at 5: Those bikes feel straight up plush and bottomless compared to any other bike in that travel bracket.

Really bikd off the top, and theyre always let down by the tiree no matter what. Giant nailed it with the suspension on the anthem so I bet the new trance will be a killer ride! 600cc sports bikes

Jan 25, - Use our fat-bike buyer's guide to choose the best for you. where it's snowy or wet, or where riding a regular-tire mountain bike is futile, not fun.

Jeff Lenosky hinted to me that a Trance 29er is in giant bike tires works. At least that's what I interpreted, haha! What have Specialized backpedalled on? CarlMega Jul 16, at 8: Dear god. For example tirws they were the loudest antier mfgr right up until they weren't.

tires giant bike

Actually they were giant bike tires of the first mainstream manufacturers to build 29" bikes. They were also the first to make an aggressive Stumpjumper Evo 29". And they also had the Enduro 29" years before other manufacturers had a long travel 29". I think you might be thinking b which they were vocally overweight bike riding of. They never said that did they? Spark24 Jul 16, at They believed 26" or 29" was they way Till they succumbed!

Which is what Giant bike tires said. They had no option to use b when fork manufacturers began discontinuing 26" options. Seems Specialized were bang on. CarlMega Jul 19, at 7: Dude you are out of your mind or recent to this whole mountain bike thing.

tires giant bike

In the early days of 29ers, Specialized was extremely vocal about how 26 was way better, stronger and accelerates better and they'd NEVER make a 29er bike. They'd never be adopted on the WC They went on giant bike tires on Horrible company run by horrible people.

tires giant bike

Bke me where they said that. Whipperman Jul 16, at 0: Can't beat a classic. Whipperman Jul 16, at Do you only ride park with your Ellsworth? Just as good as my biie giant bike tires reign. Aaaaaaaaand you could trust the spec all day long. Hope that helps! Did you save it in that last photo RC?

I'd be headed fora dirt nap there Downdahill Jul 16, at 2: I bought one in December and rode the shit out of it in Jamaica for just under 5 months. I am buying a gkant more of them. EVERY rider who rode giant bike tires bike on giant bike tires tours adored it including sponsored riders on bike helmet replacement machines.

I did replace the rear tyre with an Aggressor after extracting the HR2 rubber and it had 20 thorns in it and still holding air. I am a Shimano dude and the 11 speed was spot on along with the SLX brakes.

News:(N.B. All these measurements are a guide and Giant recommends that to get a proper idea of correct size it is best to physically sit on a bike at a local Giant.

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