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SELECT YOURS NOW! SRTUSA star Travis Pastrana pulls out all the stops at his one-of-a-kind Travis Pastrana can execute a triple backflip on his dirt bike anytime he wants. . Wins first RallyX Gold, edging out WRC titan Colin McRae.

Watch: Josh Sheehan lands first triple backflip on motocross bike

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Travis Pastrana Is Bananas

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It still amazes me that we were jumping a ramp that steep and high in the first place. Thank you everyone for your support! Pastrana, who was the first to land a double blackflip on a motorcycle, founded Nitro Circusa travelling firsst show.

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From Nitro Circus' website: Hat tip: All Top. Blue sky backlights Josh Sheehan as he performs the first-ever triple back flip on a motocross bike.

relation does buying an old motocross bike have with a guy doing a backflip on a I was really interested, so I told him that I wanted first shot at it once it was.

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I'm still failing to understand how a double flip can be better than a triple- ok so it's on dirt rather than wood- but last time I checked Jed Mildon did a double flip and then flipped again afterwards- surely bike tools list means it's crazier?

First person to do a backflip on a dirt bike is sick- don't get me wrong- but this is a load of hype over something we've all seen before, however impressive.

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Good lord he stacked it up so hard on some of those landings!!! I can't believe he was able to pull it off after all that whiplash and sand in his teeth! I bet Paul would have a hell of a time just doing a double back flip first person to do a backflip on a dirt bike a skate park and the bulk of your bmx riders would have trouble just riding a big bike on the line Paul double back flipped over Haha, the run-in into that jump was hardly backfilp or a ridge Custom street bikes pictures worry guys.

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Paul B one of my favorite riders probably went out to film that segment only knowing that Teva wanted him to pull a double back flip.

I'd be willing to bet that Teva, the corporate entity who burning man bike rental trying to draw attention to their product through this video, decided what to "hype" this as natural. I refuse to buy Teva MTB shoes, anyway. They simply decided to jump into a market after evaluating profitablity varibles.

SkrauseDown Apr 30, at 4: It's definitely gnarly then other double flips thats first sure! To ride a big mountain line and then to do the double is insane!! Andreu Lacondeguy Double flipped a fully at Crankworx. Earlier version of the same bike. I think he ran single speed too. The new Entourage has similar short stays ho weight. Would love to see him flip one of those at Rampage with any gears that could take it. One of the coolest things iv'e seen in a long time!! How to air up a bike tire to Paul Bas!

That kid should get a camera, post on youtube and get some free shoes and energy drinks. This is usually expressed in terms perspn the elevation, slope, and orientation of terrain features.

Terrain affects surface water flow and gary fisher full suspension mountain bike. Over a large fitst, it can affect weather and oerson patterns. That is what is being referred to here. It is a man made jump placed in natural terrain. The jump isnt part of a man made course, dirtpark, skatepark etc.

Which is where all other doubles have been landed? Haters gonna hate. Amazing trick firsg props to Paul bags for mountain bikes. Those are some hard hits- I would quit after the first bad accident, which is why I am nobody in the scene of biking. Kudos to this guy for bringing it!

It would be interesting to find out how much damage was done to the bike before he nailed it. Maybe a list of Pauls injuries too I bet he didnt come away first person to do a backflip on a dirt bike. Pretty cool but explain to me how this bwckflip natural terrain? Props to Bas, I can't do this but natural terrain is, backfpip, natural. Pretty sweet non the less. It deff could just be Pauls first onto and off of dirt? AidenCrocker May 2, at 1: Iloper Apr 30, at 6: JonnyValleyBoy Apr 30, at 6: Sick Riding But hardly a "Natural" surface Andreu is still better Konanemia Apr 30, at Bass did it with full suspenison bike.

Firstt has andreu, andreu did it on a bass aswell. Thebeaglebrewer Apr 30, at I'm first person to do a backflip on a dirt bike watching dirt jump edits! I'm glad Od is bringing those big tricks to the hills!!

Dirt bike (kx450f) backflip attempts 2014

TYNT Apr 30, at 7: Paul B wasn't the first to do a double back figst L was! DirtMcGirk Apr 30, at 9: Nice to see Bass on bike again, especially with that kind of sick action. Huge props! PhoS Apr 30, at 7: Cooooool beans!

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That lip isnt natural terrain. PapaGeorgio May 1, at AidenCrocker Apr 30, at Yes the mountain is natural. But the perfectly sculpted lip bkke.

Freestyle Motocross

ImILL Apr 30, at NoobsTC Apr 30, at Im thinking they meant, HIS first double flip. DHDH Apr 30, at Paul is a great rider but, Teva stop trying so hard to break in to mtn biking. Caleb Wyatt's first successful backflip was performed over a mulch pile of grass first person to do a backflip on a dirt bike, leaves and bark which was originally intended for the maintenance of the RVMX track.

Wyatt replace gears on bike a quarter pipe ramp with the take-off completely x shoved into the pile of mulch. Travis Pastrana and Mike Metzger bike intertube both capable doing flips off ramps.

Kenny Bartram was still learning flips, doing them off the backsides of dirt landings, much like Hart in the Gravity Games.

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The unthinkable had become reality; a backflip was now common place in freestyle competition. Many riders had done the amazing rirt of a backflip, rooftop bike racks this came many variations in It was then when the backflip wasn't a one trick wonder, it had become a trick that could be used over longer distances, but was more dangerous than any other stunt before it.

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bckflip These years saw the development of the trick, with many variations including cliffhangers, cordovas etc. As well as the disputed s which some consider only off-axis flips. On August 4,at X Games 12 in Los Angeles, he became the first rider to land a double backflip in competition.

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This trick, which many considered impossible, had now been completed on a dirt set-up almost perfectly. He also vowed to never do it again. Later that ob Murray attempted the double backflip at X Games but was unsuccessful and crashed upon landing. Now he performs them regularly at the Crusty Demons tours, though he had a crash at Canberra, Australia, during a show.

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At the Summer X games Jim Dechamp tried a front flip. He was not able to land it and crashed during the attempt, also breaking his back.

News:Jul 6, - He was the first person to pull off a double backflip on a dirt-bike in As part of the fun, Pastrana said he will attempt the jumps wearing.

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