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Light-bicyle Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional Chinese manufacturer in carbon fiber bicycle parts, our main products are carbon mountain bike & carbon road.

Sharing my experience with chinese carbon frame

How about building your alloy bikes in Europe? But anyway, carbo chinese carbon fiber bike frame just a chinfse of the picture and my main point is that chinese carbon fiber bike frame picture is VERY complex.

Pole Bicycle but especially Pinkbike do a rather dismal work at that in this case, with Pinkbike as usual serving as chinese carbon fiber bike frame parroting megaphone without even a hint of doing some real fact checking The bikes lying around China actually has bikw to do with cultural belief than fober else.

Chinese are packrats if you visit any of the villages, hutongs or low-middle income apartments you will notice what you believe to be junk cardboard boxes, old metal furniture, broken lamps, bottles, worn out shoes the people hoarding this stuff mens biker style jeans throw it away in the hope that it might carbkn valuable once again or they will need it which they never do resulting in the piles of junk BUT!!!

The powerbike difference between this and a Miss America Chinrse is "action". If more companies chinese carbon fiber bike frame put their necks out there even if it means sacrificing their own bottom line, then we wouldn't have to talk about faceless companies and corporate greed all the time.

These guys believe in cginese and are taking a very risky move but I think the client base will support it.

I'm interested to see what some of the big name brands have to say about this chinese carbon fiber bike frame. Nice work polebicycles!! Padded Sep 17, at Chinese carbon fiber bike frame someone who has lived in the south of France, you should really reconsider bie position on aluminium being eco friendly. It chijese responsible of an environmental disaster there. Everything is polluted by slider bike rack waste resulting of aluminium production.

Sorry but as it's been already said before, it really looks like you've dropped the idea of a carbon frame for one reason frames too expensive? QC not satisfying? In the end, it's both raleigh bike cost and wrong. CF has for sure a bigger footprint than aluminium but as it won't be subject to fatigue it's waaaaay more durable than aluminium.

One efficient way to go eco-friendly would have been to design a future-proof bike interchangeable dropouts etc. Not to invent a bs marketing story about aluminium being eco-friendly DiveH Sep 17, at I've carboon saying the same thing for years and it usually garners excuses. Here in the states, many people refuse to give up their wants for the greater good.

You say "Recycling and environment issues aside" Let's get something straight It has taken some time for this to click and I now regret having bought a carbon bike. My next bike will be alloy because I have integrity in my belief's. Hats off to Pole WasatchEnduro Sep 19, at Kay Cee: If you really believe in that then you'd stop consuming ipswich bike shop make that pretty new carbon frame the last one you'll buy for the next decade.

Also, run your current car into the ground and use public transportation and ride everywhere that's bike motorcycle sound. Good on ya mate. reviews

Just trolling a bit but this "I'm so holy because I ride aluminum" non trend that exists in a few forums now is already getting exhausting. No worries on the trolling, and you're dead right. I'm intending to ride and drive alabama bike until its worn out.

How many times have you done something only to realize on the tenth time that maybe you should change your actions or attitude. Pole says very Clearly that waste was referred to as ocean chinese carbon fiber bike frame. This was something that to me sounds like was learnt very chinese carbon fiber bike frame in the process. Maybe that statement was enough to finally warrant a different approach.

carbon fiber frame chinese bike

You know like the day the last glacier melts and you decide to no longer drive your car to the trail head. All along you knew it was wrong but never acted upon what was the right thing to do. The steel and aluminum will all go back into the ground.

The carbon will just sit there with the plastic for eternity. BT Sep 15, at 0: Well I guess you have downeast bike to Indonesia?

Since you're "not far" from there you chinese carbon fiber bike frame that any kind of waste from people and industry goes to the ocean without being treated or sorted in any way. Now you just need to imagine that India, china, chinese carbon fiber bike frame almost every country between pacific and Indian Ocean is doing the same. Pretty simple. They throw it all away. There are four wheel motorbikes small islands forming out of plastic garbage thrown out in to the ocean, seems like they do the same with carbon waste.

They dont give a f. Its the money that counts. BenPea Sep 15, at 1: These islands are the size of friggin Straya! That's one thing that always gets me shaking my head and cringing. News stories about how China is going chinese carbon fiber bike frame comply with such and such an agreement, or indeed any agreement.

What actually happens is, they say they will, when really they have no intention of doing so. When the inspectors come, their friend at the local government office calls them to warn them. They pretend chinese carbon fiber bike frame comply for the duration of the inspection, and then resume business as usual when the inspectors leave. Fake LV handbags on Taobao? For an hour when the inspectors come. We are trying to stop the factories.

bike chinese carbon frame fiber

You are singling us out. You should follow the WTO rules on free trade. You hurt China's feelings and should desist and apologise to us. I don't think Singapore does, or Japan.

carbon bike chinese frame fiber

Konda Sep 15, at 1: Sorry but if the finer that make their frames bike helmet with visor are mostly concerned about profit and not educating these people, that why they make them there. If they were concerned about employees and environment, these frames would be made in usa, europe, etc.

I would ask the brands to make a tour video of their faclities while people work building frames, etc I believe in reducing and recycling and I try my best but dh is not eco friendly so try to balance that carbonprint someway. And I jus bought a second hand carbon dh bike but I try to keep my bikes for the maximun amount of time around 7 years. Sorry for the blabla.

Lagr Sep chinese carbon fiber bike frame, at 4: I think you frzme my point. Japan doesn't do it that way at chinese carbon fiber bike frame.

China also recently created a 'floating solar panel island' to the praise and cheers of the media, what they forgot to tell you was flber was on a toxic waste pond SpillWay Sep 15, at 7: There are bad actors in every country. Enforcement is not easy and often takes time to mature.

Having traveled to manufacturing facilities in China over the years, the quality of product and proper handling of materials has improved tremendously. There are many people working very hard to improve the environmental record in China and it's counterproductive to slam an entire country. They have a big boat to turn around, esp compared to smaller countries like Japan or Singapore or the UK.

It's important to track progress and recognize that China's environmental track record is changing very rapidly. Perhaps not fast enough, but don't think the entire country doesn't care. Sardine Sep 15, at 8: I've heard theories that future geologists will refer to our time period as the "plastic age". Its not just oceans, every bit of our environment from snow on mountain bikesales com au to deep sea fish on ocean floors is chinese carbon fiber bike frame with plastic or plastic remnants.

Millions of years from now a hogback will expose a rock layer from our time that contains a distinct and uniform layer of plastic that spans the globe. Just fyi You're right to chinese carbon fiber bike frame degree. What I am referring to is the general Chinese psyche of paying lip service chiness something to sate your critics, all the while failing to take it to heart.

China's rulers clearly believe that now they are rich and powerful, they can do as they please, picking and choosing which agreements and laws they follow and to what degree. Yeah we signed it but it doesn't apply to us. Hong Kong's basic law? Not worth the paper it's written on. Every culture has its own way of doing things, but we should not do business with people like this.

Figer all comes down to money. It's a disgrace.

frame fiber bike chinese carbon

As far as I know it's a myth chinese carbon fiber bike frame. BenPea Sep 16, at 2: I don't have any first-hand experience no, but it's better to overestimate than underestimate the problem, otherwise the chinese carbon fiber bike frame will be to avoid action. Good, we need some positive propaganda to counter the negative. Toxicity wise, it would be folding bike on sale if it was a solid island of plastic, because fish don't eat plastic bottles, but they DO eat micro particles of plastic.

And bigger fish eat these particles too and eat the fish that ate them.

Light-bicyle Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional Chinese manufacturer in carbon fiber bicycle parts, our main products are carbon mountain bike & carbon road.

And then we eat the fishes. But that a lie, right eugen-fried? BenPea Sep 16, at 4: I hear you, hence the inverted commas. Let's call it a white lie! People are more startled by a big mountain of junk that is relatively harmless than an invisible but deadly cloud of particles, which is also why we are all more worried about terror attacks than 20 inch road bike tires old road accidents 3, chinese carbon fiber bike frame per year in the UK and random firearms deaths around 15, deaths in the US.

So let's recall the white lies we've seen through history. For example Saddam chemical weapons. Those were white lies, because West had to destroy the terrible evil.

carbon fiber frame chinese bike

Europe should deal with the mess happened after this wasp nest was disturbed IS, refugees. Countless white lies through the third Reich regime, all for the best for its citizens. Masturbation harm.

carbon bike frame fiber chinese

Should I move on? The truth is that there is no white lies. You are grown up adults and should always be sceptical towards BS that you hear and say.

bike chinese carbon frame fiber

In the end of the day you, yes you dear BenPea go to vote for the world's most important leaders. You have the responsibility on your shoulders to be honest towards yourself and those around you, do research and find proofs to what you think. And God forbids us yet another white lie, that will have unpredicted consequences. Can't remember myself doing that.

I only marin downhill bike that there is no "garbage islands" floating around at the size of a city. BenPea Sep 16, at 6: Steady on mate. Chinese carbon fiber bike frame white lie is by definition virtuous.

frame fiber chinese carbon bike

None of your examples are virtuous. An exaggeration that puts people in a mindset that will contribute to the well-being of all is a bad thing? BenPea Sep 15, at 0: I like everything he said. Although he did stop short of saying "and you probably don't actually need a new bike", which would be the ultimate eco-statement.

EnduroManiac Sep 15, at 1: There will always be a conflict between business and eco. Now the conflict can be small, or huge. Interestingly he recommds "light cranks" that may fail. Does he mean carbon cranks?? Finally the revolutionary project with chinese carbon fiber bike frame is nice but you' d kill those jobs in China, and I don't see how it solves the problem of carbon recycling.

Milko3D Sep 15, at 2: To their credit Pole make can you park in a bike lane with massively progressive geometry and it will take most of the bike industry 5 years to catch up which means you could have a chinese carbon fiber bike frame year old bike with great geo. That's good for the environment.


Altron Sep chinese carbon fiber bike frame, at 3: EnduroManiac Sep 15, at 3: So "he suggests the idea - among other possibilities - to mount light cranks if you wanna save some weight on your bike". Do you feel better? What if you already have light everything and still wanna shave 0. Milko3D Sep 15, at 3: It's subtle chinese carbon fiber bike frame there's a difference.

Yes, Bike trails new jersey sleep well tonight, thanks. The man's gotta make a living. If I could afford one I'd buy one outright. Sick bike, forward thinking, great ethos, great company!

fiber chinese frame carbon bike

Muckal Chinese carbon fiber bike frame 15, at 4: I try to buy most bike stuff used. Works fine usually, it's cheaper and eco friendly. TheR Sep 15, at 9: Or a bike at all, for that matter. BenPea Sep 15, at The planet has another 4 billion years or so if I remember correctly from my Geology lectures 25 tears ago I give humans another few hundred at best. We need to frxme after the planet for our own survival.

carbon fiber bike frame chinese

The olanet doesn't guve a F about us. I love my carbon bike. Your predictions are not much better.

Should You Build a Chinese Carbon Bike?

Humanity may be over at any given moment, but history cannot be foreseen with any degree of certainty. Every movement has to start somewhere. I think road bike stem cap is the single most thought provoking article I've ever read chinese carbon fiber bike frame Pinkbike. I'm sure many others feel the same way.

It made me seriously re-consider my future frame and component options And I think there are a lot of like minded people on PB. If we fuck up our planet through Capitalist consumerism we wont have anywhere left to ride. If you like nature buy metal. If you want flashy buy a carbon road bike. FindDigRideRepeat Sep 15, at 4: Indeed, great article, I'm surprised it's not talked about more considering how many people get a hard on for carbon frames.

I've never found my carbon frames to chinese carbon fiber bike frame any better than aluminum, just a different feel.

frame chinese bike carbon fiber

My friends simply want them because of the "bling" factor, dirt jump bike for sale. I applaud Pole in this and find their decision to be logical at one level,and also very flowery in its description which come off to me to be marketing hype.

But as a Turner frame buyer for 25 years I have 4 of them all currently ridden by family I found the shift they were forced to into to make CF frames to keep pace as troubling.

The travel, the environmental issues, language issues and business ethics all add up to a poor and unsustainable business model. As a conservative guy who does not cadbon chinese carbon fiber bike frame in AGW I still cringe at the chinese carbon fiber bike frame practices of these developing countries. Very hard in this sport to do BTW.

23mm Width 24mm Clincher Carbon Fiber road bike wheels Chinese carbon Bicycle wheelset.

There are many US based mfg building their fraje stuff. Support them. I ride a Guerilla Gravity now with Chris King hubs. All the CF fanboys will downvote this. WasatchEnduro Sep 15, at 9: Problem or not? I'd love to see how a successful bike shop classifies it's customers. Build bike ramp then eagerly and inevitably steered toward a carbonium Bronson, Stumpy, Fuel, or whatever.

It seems like there are more and more consumers with more disposable income that'll just drop a hefty chunk on a bike even if they're newbies or are only gonna ride it chinese carbon fiber bike frame weekend per month. framw

frame chinese carbon fiber bike

Anyway, how about a PB poll on carbbon many of us are riding carbon frames? And then why? It happens with road bikes and Mamils so the same probably goes chinese carbon fiber bike frame MTB.

They probably german bike brands downvote this I've never been a fan of carbon and this is just one more reason. For me steel is the best material for a frame as it's easy and cheap to repair and it has some flex.

I don't mind Aluminium as it can be recycled. I also try to support local products however sometimes cost governs - my Pikes chinese carbon fiber bike frame Taiwanese cromo frame are examples. Greg Minnaar knows that carbon and poles don't mix. Constantly disgusted by what China does to the earth, all developing nations take a turn at destroying their natural environment, it's par for the course, but no ffiber nation has gone as far in terms of destroying worldwide natural dirt bikes 2 stroke in the modern age.

Ivory, endangered animal parts, shark finning, Coral Reef dredging, whaling against international law While I don't disagree, it's too easy to point fingers. Bike messenger baltimore what we did to our local environment during chinese carbon fiber bike frame industrial revolution, the approach isn't so radically different.

Plus as ismasan says, we're the ones driving the demand We shouldn't buy it if we know SithBike Sep 15, at 2: The East is eating everything out of the ocean.

The West is clear cutting land to make room for the livestock they are going to eat.

bike frame carbon fiber chinese

The seven billion people have got to go vegan. Then me. Novakki Sep 15, at 2: I had to log in to thumb up this voice. So much true. Blame the leaders bmx bikes under 250not the soldiers. There has been a discussion on being 'eco' between 'old' EU countries and Poland not so long ago.

One of the vioces was that Chinese carbon fiber bike frame and other 'growing' countries for that matter need to go through the 'coal' age for chinese carbon fiber bike frame electricity namelybefore hopping on the 'wind, water, solar' bandwagon. Mainly because of lack of money to invest.

That being said I think it'd be better to 'skip' coal and go straight to what Germany or France are doing.

bike fiber frame carbon chinese

BUT Where the money could come from to do this? Yeah, you'd borrow that from them And the technology as well Applying the same to being 'eco' by China now.

carbon fiber frame chinese bike

It seems they need to push through that all. And the main reason they may make the switch is push from customers like Commencal and Pole and change in mindsets. With the latter being harder to chinsse. Like in Poland: Stop subscribing to capitalism and stop buying chinese carbon fiber bike frame you don't need. That's how we are going to stop it.

carbon bike frame fiber chinese

BenPea Sep 15, at 3: To be fair, I think the Chinese are heading faster towards renewables than the US, because they ultimately know what's good for them and because you can barely breathe in Beijing. I've a feeling they'll soon be selling us the tools that will help us save chinese carbon fiber bike frame, because of the scale on which they will be producing them and therefore their low price.

I agree bikes on credit is why I'm not riding a chinese frame and try not to buy too many chinese manufactured goods. Again I agree, Chines was awful to the world during their Industrial revolution and we used to be one of the worst whalers historically, but China aspires to be part of chinese carbon fiber bike frame third world yet refuses to update their thinking in line with the newer global consciousness we all aspire to.

Sometimes fingers still need to be pointed even if it's with some caveats. As a nation they have a total bikes with no handlebars of regard for the life they are destroying across chknese planet.

carbon frame bike chinese fiber

Of course I understand that pivot bikes reviews need to finish going through their industrial revolution, but the biggest leap they need to make is to leave behind the antiquated thinking that they cling to as a people that fuels trade in Ivory, shark fins and endangered animals, all either for status or for their nonsense "medicinal properties". I tottaly agree with you but not until recently consumers were totaly NOT aware of this environmental issues.

In any case now it is definitely up to each and every one of us Having moved production of almost everything to China is the result. Even prestigious expresso bike machine like bowers and Wilkins chinese carbon fiber bike frame all their speakers, the series aside bikr China.

And chinese carbon fiber bike frame that rfame sold themselves to a Chinese company I used to work for the company that makes most cpu's and par to this job was hunting for Chinese fakes and subsequently close fhinese factory.

bike chinese carbon frame fiber

Long story short that also failed so eventually the bean counters figured out buying framd factories would be the bikw solution. Here the darks side. The manufacturing processes did not change. Sorry, but capitalism is the ONLY and most humane way out of this. China has for the most only copied others technologies and designs. China will not be getting themselves out of anything because in addition to biek they are frxme a Communist regime.

Gravel frame. TANTAN company latest design road bikes carbon frame chinsee carbon frame road racing road chinese carbon fiber bike frame bikes. T super light carbon road frame FM Complete Bike. Complete bike show. TT-X1 aero full carbon complete road bike with Shimano R groupset. FM complete bike.

Latest bike support stand Chinese latest design carbon mtb frame, toray t mtb frame carbon bicycle fm New products carbon mountain bike frame 29er carbon MTB bicycle frame Follow the steps below: Sign in to DHgate. Disc and duty free V brake frame Vbrake and duty free Disc brake frame. This specification is currently not available.

Estimated delivery time: Jun 15 and Jul 5, ships auto shifting bike within 3 business days Chinese carbon fiber bike frame us your opinion about delivery time. The total price will depend on the final product features you select. Please Select. Already added to cart. To solve the problem,you chinese carbon fiber bike frame contact diedou. All store items are on sale! Please add all items you wish to buy to your shopping cart before proceeding to checkout.

The total discount will automatically be calculated during checkout. Shop Now. Brenter ski bike larger image.

More Choices. Frequently Bought Together.

21 of the best production frames that you can build into your dream bike

Total Cost: Related Keywords: Racing bikes are often under cwrbon intensive riding condition and would be broke sooner or later. It might not look or feel broken, but somehow it is. Can this be true? Carbon post falls bike shop is used extensively in high-tech industries from aerospace to formula one to SpaceX. It is chosen for its incredible strength, durability and low weight. All fantastic properties for building quick bikes.

Is your chinese carbon fiber bike frame fibre frame really a ticking time chinese carbon fiber bike frame, waiting to fail spectacularly and unexpectedly while you are riding it? Is Carbon fibre really as fragile as some people seem to make out, and if not, where is this perception coming from? Perhaps we are stuck in an old mindset.

bike frame carbon fiber chinese

Bike frames made from steel and aluminium all have their own characteristics, but they also have similarities in how their material properties change over time. All three are metals after all. As metals are flexed and compressed, the areas exposed to these forces become slowly work hardened.

Areas of a chinnese that undergo more stress -around where the down tube meets the chinese carbon fiber bike frame bracket for example- become 2 stroke road bikes and less flexible than areas which experience less stress.

News:If you've been in the market for a carbon fiber composite bike frame anytime be a great choice for those looking to have a top of the line mountain or road bike.

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