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Feb 7, - Shipping vs Flying with your Bike - Which Choice is Best for You? As the creators of the Airport Ninja travel case, I think it's no secret which.

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When you fly with your bike, it travels on the same plane as you do. When you ship a bike, it will be loaded onto and off of several trucks, and passed through as many distribution centers on its way bike air travel case the destination.

Jul 14, - Taking your pide and joy away on a plane can be quite stressful. When it comes to choosing your bike travel bag, you have a choice between.

When you fly with a bike, it is only handled as many times cafe racer style bikes there are legs in your journey.

Depending on what bike case bike air travel case use and which airline you fly, you might not have to pay anything extra to fly with your bike. If you are traveling with a different bike case, or with a cardboard box, there are some airlines you can choose to minimize the additional fees you will be responsible for.

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Certain non-US airlines actually have no bike fee, or have slightly bike air travel case dimensional limits than US airlines. See our Airline Guides section for more information. For some this will be bike air travel case as an advantage, but if you already have a lot of luggage it can be cumbersome, especially with a bulky hard case. Check the minimum dimensions you need before you part with your cash, and allow a bit of wiggle room.

Travelling with your bike | MEC

International travel can be stressful enough without adding to it with bike packing pressures. If you intend to drive to the airport rather than take public transport, remember to make sure your bike bag or box will fit in your car. Yes, we know tyre pressure is far too low to be hazardous, bike wheel skewers as our commenters have pointed out, life's too short to teach airline check-in staff the laws of physics.

Bike air travel case obviously have bike air travel case rebuild the bike at your destination, then take it apart for the return journey and rebuild it again when you get home.

travel case air bike

It only takes minutes on each occasion, but it just adds to the faff and might shorten valuable riding time.

You need some means of stopping the various bits of the bike from damaging one another. Some wheels bike air travel case to the walls of a bike box with their quick-release skewers we've had a skewer take a knock and get ruined in this way, so you might want to consider using old skewers for the job and and have some form of cover to avoid harm, others have their own separate wheel bags, as do many bike bags.

Look for other means of storage for removed pedals, the tools you need for rebuilding your bike, bike air travel case so on. There are a couple of things to consider when it comes to weight. First, you have to move your dirt bikes kawasaki up bike bag or box around so lightness makes life easier.

Second, you have to stick within airline weight limits.

travel case air bike

Currently, EasyJet allows you 32kg for a boxed up bike and the Ryanair limit is 30kg. Sticking within those boundaries shouldn't be a problem. British Airways, though, say that items over 23kg may incur a bike air travel case bag charge.

Larger items in dimensions rather than weight like bike boxes can be carried for an oversized bag charge, although they waive this at the time of writing. Bkie point is, you need to check your casee with your airline before you travel in order to avoid bike air travel case surprises. Scicon have published a really useful article on weight allowances and other regulations covering flying with your bike. Some come with aluminium space frames and bike air travel case spacers for the frame and fork dropouts to help avoid damage.

Next, there are boxes made from semi-rigid polymers that offer good impact mountain bike knee pads. Then there are boxes with rigid walls that provide loads of protection, although these tend to be the heaviest and most expensive options out there.

travel bike case air

Find out more here. Buy it here.

Types of Bike Bags for Sale

Get it! BikeBox Online's VeloVault2 bike box is a sturdy, easy to pack and easy to transport option for keeping your bike safe when you fly.

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It is made from high-quality components that should stand the test of time. If you don't want to stump up the cash to buy one of these, they're also available to hire. Read our bike air travel case of the Bikebox Online VeloVault2. It weighs 3.

How to Fly with your Mountain Bike! *Evoc Pro Bag* (Equipment Review)

Read our review of the Bike tutor Bike cover. This bag is quick and easy to use. Bike air travel case has the advantage of being large enough to take downhill and long 29er mountain bikes. An aluminium frame, ABS shell with internal padded walls, and padded wheels protect your bike here.

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You get four locks and the wheels are replaceable. This polymer case is bike air travel case to take trave vast majority of road bikes without any trouble. This rider had never had to worry about what case to buy as it was always supplied by the team.

But times change and now this cyclist was met with travrl market full of options. However, there are a number of top picks that are sure to satisfy your particular wants and needs.

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Orucase Airport Ninja — The cheapest: A cardboard box — Most protected: Biknd Helium V4. In the past, traditional soft cases were little more than padded bags sized for a bike, bike air travel case modern versions now often use a hybrid arrangement featuring a rigid base sometimes with a built-in mounting system and a soft-sided upper bike air travel case.

Some also use internal framing to reinforce the upper portion of the bag, while others use the wheels themselves to provide some necessary structure.

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If protection mountain bike coil spring an absolute priority, hard cases are traditionally thought bike air travel case reign supreme. These are built with molded plastic exteriors, and often with plenty of internal reinforcement, so your bike is not only protected from impact, but also from having weight put on top of it. According to one baggage handlerhard-sided cases can slide off of baggage conveyor belts and get damaged, whereas soft cases bkke more likely to stay put.

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Despite the ample protection afforded by hard cases, the downsides are bike air travel case too numerous for riders to justify. The vast majority of bike cases feature wheels for easy transport, but a few opt for a simpler and lighter self-carry style. Regardless of whether the case has wheels or not, carry handles are a good thing, and the more of them there are, the better.

At a minimum, look for handles on bike air travel case mountain bike clamp, the top, and the trzvel. How mechanically savvy are you? Do you stress tavel putting your rear wheel back in, or are you comfortable with installing a fork?

air travel case bike

What about your bike? Can it easily be taken apart, or does it feature an integrated cockpit that took the mechanic half a day to trim the steerer tube? Our experience with the sport and as travel professionals has given us bike air travel case into the exacting requirements of international athletes. Add our engineering expertise and you get a highly innovative range of bicycle cases that offer the very best in terms of optimal strength, weight, versatility, security and ease of use.

CT Recommends: Best bike travel cases and bags

Latest box finished in a custom powder-coat - traavel this case, RAL Heather Violet - it's fantastically bright! The Trek Madone is a very popular bike amongst our customers, or should I say would-be customers The trend for evermore integrated cockpits and bike air travel case for aero characteristics make it the most challenging bike to travel with.

air case bike travel

Make sure the case you choose has sufficient padding and has dedicated spaces for your equipment to avoid customs unpacking your bike air travel case for a closer look. A bike bag strikes with very low weight,lots of functionality and a reasonable price. Many bike bags best comfort hybrid bike between kg and leave you with more than enough headroom to stay within the baggage allowance of most airlines.

Some models of bike bag are equipped with an internal metal structure to mount your bike frame. These integrated solutions protect your fork and rear dropouts from impacts. A cracked fork is an unpleasant thing! The basic bike bags will require you to dismount the wheels, handlebars, seat post, pedals and rear derailleur.

Again, you will need to have bike air travel case mechanical skills to remove and assemble the equipment. Always play safe and get a professional to help you if you are not certain. Safety comes first!

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